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$477,071.72 and counting in Reclaimed Refunds...     because we care enough to look carefully at your situation and get you back anything you've been missing. See examples of how we find money for our clients by making adjustments and recomendations for changes to prior returns.
(returns corrected/adjusted since January 2014)

"I went to Pain Free Tax and Bookkeeping Service to get help with my mother's taxes and ended up getting help with tax credits I didn't know I qualified for. Tiffanie is ethical, knowledgeable and excellent at what she does. For me the experience has been all gain, no pain. I recommend this service to anyone and everyone." - H.A.


This client got nearly $24,000 back for herself when she came to discuss her mother's taxes and we gave her information to help her own situation. We don't charge for reviewing your old returns for possible adjustments, we only charge if we make changes. Check our guarantee!

Disability of a Spouse, Uses a cane


Donations claimed by an Estate under new rules


Donations claimed by an Estate under new rules


RRSP claimed as income but never deducted


Orthodontics not claimed as Medical


Examination Fees for a Professional Licensing


Not claiming full time Tuition from 2013 to try and claim WITB (also not allowed) instead of carrying forward


Accidentally over claiming CPP income


Medical Premiums not claimed for Braces and Health Plan


Unclaimed Moving Expenses from move 9 years ago


Increasing RRIF payments to use unclaimed credits


Reinstate Claims Rejected by CRA in Error


Working Income Tax Missed by over claiming Business Losses


Reinstated 8 year old Medical Expenses previously rejected by CRA


Child Support Accidentally Claimed as Taxable


Medical Premiums not claimed 2007-2012


Missing RRSP Receipts, Business Expenses not reported


Missing RRSP Receipts, Missing Child Amount for one child


Missing RRSP Receipts from first 60 days


Missing RRSP Receipts from first 60 days


Employment Expenses and Child Care/Camps


Caregiver Amount for family member, Disability Tax Credit


Working Income Tax Benefit Optimized by not claiming expenses not needed


Moving Expenses and Child Related Expenses


Moving Expenses, Union Dues, Revision to Tax Exempt Income on Reserve


Employment Credit not claimed, Disability Tax Credit


Medical expenses not claimed


Medical Expenses Missed


Missing Medical Expenses from Health Plan


Missing RRSP


Pension Split for current and prior year when other firm said not beneficial.


Pension Split and Medical Supplement


Tuition and Medical Adjustments


Child Care to higher income spouse due to illness


Error in Rental Income Reporting


RRSP Missing Receipts, Error in Rental Income Reporting


RRSP Missing Receipts


Supplement to Fitness and Arts Credit for Disabled Child


Medical Expenses Missed


RRSP adjustment to a prior year, reallocate application to lower income year


RRSP adjustment to prior year, split RRSP withdrawal


RRSP's missed, GST from unfiled no income returns


GST from no income returns not filed


Disability tax credit transfer missed, Medical, Childcare to higher income spouse due to illness


UCCB Designation for Single Parent, Medical from Health Plan, Camps as Childcare


Amount for Eligible dependant and Child Amount


Amount for Eligible Dependant, Childcare


RRSP's claimed when no difference, reversed and reallocated; Medical Expenses from Health Plan not claimed


RRSP's claimed when no difference, reversed and reallocated, WITB


Disability Tax Credit not Claimed but approved, Caregiver, Tuition Transfer


Missing T4 correction


Disability Tax Credit Transfer from Son


Caregiver Amount, Eligible Dependant Credit for Child over 18, Donations, Political Contributions, RRSP Receipts Missed


Disability Tax Credit Transfer from Family Member


Family Caregiver Amount and Transit Passes


Moving Expenses from Sale of a House, 2 years after initial move


Reading Tutoring for Child claimed under Arts credit


GST rebate from a return not filed


Medical Expenses and Disability Tax Credit for Self and Child


Caregiver Amount for brother


Business Expenses applied against amount added by CRA, transit passes


Business and Rental Expenses not claimed


Professional Dues


Caregiver Amount for parents, Swimming Lessons


Missing Child Amount, RRSP Advice, Business Expenses, Childcare


Business Expenses not Claimed


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