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We strongly encourage clients to keep copies of their tax return filing and government issued Notices of Assessment as they are often required for various reasons that require income verification. Some examples are borrowing, student loans, and income based benefits. We will provide a PDF or paper copy of your tax return upon submission.

While our team may have access to your CRA account as your representative, there are limitations to our access and it causes logistical issues for our team to obtain duplicate notices and documents for all of our clients as they need them.


If you register for CRA "My Account" you can obtain access to the information in your file with CRA. For privacy and security reasons:

  • We cannot provide clients with their user names or passwords for My Account 

  • We cannot update client addresses, names, or bank information except during submission of a tax return

  • If you sign up for online/e-mail delivery of notifications and notices, instead of regular mail, we will not retrieve your letters and notices, you will need to login to My Account to access them. Please keep this in mind when setting up this option for delivery.

Beginning in February 2024 we are implementing an administration fee for duplicate copies, administrative services such as follow up calls to CRA, and retrieval of copies of your information. This is unfortunately due to the very large volume of requests that we receive and significant amount of administrative time required to process these requests. 

Please submit your document request through our online order form. We will normally provide your documents within 2 business days or contact you of any reason for delays. We will refund fees for any requested documentation we can not provide or obtain for you in a reasonable amount of time.

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