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Our Full Service Tax Company provides Instant Refunds to Local Tax Clients, including those receiving mobile service. Certain Conditions Apply.

The fee is a percentage of the refund provided, with amounts regulated by Canada Revenue Agency.

Cost is: 15% of the first $300 of the tax refund and 5% of the Balance of the refund.

Not available to clients who cannot attend in person due to regulatory issues.

Get Your Tax Refund in Cash

  • Because this service is an advance of your Tax Refund qualifications/Conditions include the following:

    - Returns of Certain Complexities do not qualify
    - Sufficient Documentation must be retained that would be satisfactory to Canada Revenue Agency to support the claim(s) being creating the refund
    - Must consent to a SEND (notification of Debt) request being submitted to Canada Revenue Agency
    - Tax Refunds minimum of $250
    - Qualification is at the sole Discretion of Pain Free Taxes & Bookkeeping Service
    - Service must be in person with sufficient Identification
    - Power of Attorney cannot be used to represent the taxpayer receiving the refund
    - For Mobile Service funds to be provided only by Cheques, Online Interac, or Paypal only. No cash will be carried by driver/Tax Professional.

    Instant Refund Advance must be repaid if for whatever reason Canada Revenue Agency does not process/reimburse the refund provided to the client.

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