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Benefit Only Returns are for Tax Returns that are only being filed for the purpose of maintaining a requirement to receive a benefit or provincial tax credit ONLY.

Benefit Only Tax Return

C$59.99 Regular Price
C$35.99Sale Price
  • This return pricing is for clients who are filing for the purpose of receiving benefits only such as:
    - filing Zero income Tax returns
    - for GST Credits,
    - for Social Assistance Recipients with only a T5007
    - UCCB income

    This applies only to individuals who would otherwise not need to file and would not receive any tax refund or owe tax except for the provincial refundable sales tax credit and would not need to file except to continue to receive a benefit or service which requires a tax return be filed.

    This return is also for a Senior who is not receiving Pension Splitting Income and who has no income except CPP/OAS and is filing for the purpose of benefits or transfer of credits to their spouse.

    Mobile Service mileage may not be included for this type of return, unless another return is being prepared at the same address or coordination is done with another appointment in your area.
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