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We will review prior tax returns to determine if there are credits you may have missed claiming on your Tax Returns. If so, we can adjust for most things for up to the last 10 years.

We have a guarantee that you will benefit by at LEAST triple what the adjustment cost you or the difference is refunded. If you don't get anything back from doing the adjustment we recommend, we won't charge you. (Does not apply to voluntary disclosures to report income).

Adjust Prior Year Tax Returns (Guaranteed!)

  • Review of prior returns is free. If, after discussing it with you and its deemed to be of benefit to you, we will only charge you for the preparation and submitting of the required adjustments to be submitted on your behalf.

    The fee is $35 per tax year adjustment plus the cost to prepare any required schedules that must also be submitted, if applicable, in order to change the tax return.
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