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Guideline examples for reference only, subject to change. Generally, refers to Federal tax but includes provincial equivalents.

Student Pricing requires minimum 4 months full time reported on a T2202, or high school.

CRA follow up included to support claims (up to an average amount of time used: approx. 1 hour).

Additional fees may apply by complexity, items not listed, multiples in a category, or above average time spent.

credit only return


special price

C $29.99

C $69.99
with BC Renters Credit Only

  • Zero income return except social assistance T5007 filed for purpose of obtaining benefits only

  • Add $40.00 for BC Renters Credit benefit only.

Simple Tax Return special

C $74.99 or student $34.99 

This is our special "two slips of any kind", see examples below.

This does not apply to returns that include other benefits/credits applied for or extra complexity due to extra forms/schedules filled out.

  • 1 T4 plus 1 of any other tax slip and/or tips

  • Clients that only have T4A(OAS) and T4A(P)

  • Clients that only have a T5007 and 1 other tax slip and/or tips

Puzzling tax return

C $89.99 or student $49.99

  • CPP or QPP Benefits and/or Old Age Security and/or Pension Income

  • Any number of T4s – Employment earnings slips

  • Worker’s Compensation Benefits

  • EI Benefits, Parental leave, and Wage Loss Plans

  • RRSP Contribution and Regular Withdrawals

  • Scholarships and Bursaries

  • Student Loan Interest (current and carried forward up to 5 years)

  • RESP Accumulated Income Payments

  • Benefit Repayments on slips

  • Simplified “Work from Home” (due to Covid-19 tax years 2020-2022)

disconcerting Tax return

C $109.99 or student $84.99

  • Home Buyer Plan or Lifelong Learning Plan Repayments

  • Investment income from T5 Slips and T3 Slips

  • Tuition Transfers from Dependant/Spouse

  • Union Dues not on T4s

  • Children with Fitness/Arts Credits (phased out 2016) or Bus Passes (phased out 2017)

  • Immigrant return


C $124.99 or
student $104.99

  • Carrying Charges or Eligible Interest Expenses

  • Donations

  • Political Contribution Receipts

  • Canada Caregiver Amounts/Infirm Dependant amounts for dependant or spouse

  • Disability Amounts, Supports and Transfers

  • Quebec Provincial return (Average Complexity)

  • Childcare expenses

  • Underused Housing Tax (UHT)

  • First time home buyer’s credit

  • Disposition of Principal Residence

bewildering Tax Return

C $149.99 or   
student $129.99

  • Pension Income Splitting

  • Amount for Eligible Dependant Claims or Deductible Support Payments

  • Medical and/or Medical Travel Expenses, Nursing home fees or Attendant care

  • Non-Residents/ Temporary Foreign Workers or Emigrant Returns

  • Apprenticeship Credits

  • “Other deductions” such as RRSP Undeducted Contributions, Pension buy back amounts

  • Deceased Final Returns (extra $100 fee for optional Rights-or-Things return)

  • Foreign Income and/or Foreign Tax Credits

  • RRSP Transfers and Special Withdrawals

  • Provincial Rental Credits, or other credits non otherwise listed


tax return

C $179.99 or
student $149.99

  • Clergy Residence Deduction

  • Northern Residents Deduction

  • Stock Options & Share Deductions

  • Home Accessibility Credits & Multigenerational Home Renovation Tax Credit

  • Moving Expenses 

  • Adoption Expenses

  • Detailed Employment Expenses/Tools Allowances and GST 370 Forms

mind bending tax return

C $249.99 or
student $149.99

  • Self Employed Business or Partnership Income or Loss/Professional Income

  • Commission Income and Related Expenses

  • Rental Income and Expenses

  • Alternative Minimum Tax Carryovers

  • Lifetime Capital Gains Deductions on Dispositions of Qualified Property

  • Capital Gains & Losses (T5008's or Disposition Summaries) Loss Carrybacks etc.,

  • Crypto Currency and/or T5013 Statements of Partnership

OTHER Services

  • Document Retrieval $5 per document type/per year (ex: T1 General, NOA - Notices of Assessment, Slip Summary)

  • Mobile Service $10.00 each way for pick up/drop off                              

  • T3 Trust Returns Starting at $200.00

  • UHT Returns starting at $100 (per property, no tax due) extra charges for each trustee or complex returns.

  • Bookkeeping $75 p/h

  • Other Services/Time Charges/Advising not listed Hourly $75.00 p/h, min $50 each

  • Forms (GST, T1135, addt'l complex items/schedules) Hourly $75.00 p/h, min $50 

  • Special Elections, Consultations, Notice to Reader Financials $150 p/h, min $100 

  • Postage on Returns Documents - $3.50, or quoted for large packages

  • Adjustments - $49.99 per year plus schedules required for submission

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